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4935 NE 42nd Ave
Portland, OR, 97218
United States




Red Sauce Pizza is owned and operated by Shardell Dues. Shardell’s first job was making pizza and it will be her last job. (As long as you don’t count that stint when she was Student Store Manager of the class store in 5th grade. We don’t.)


Shardell has been making pizza for about 20 years and she’s so happy to own a little pizza shop that serves great food for her community. But Shardell didn’t make her dream a reality without a lot of hard work, a little luck and a bunch of help. Her friends and family helped do all the things, like: wash walls; paint walls; hang drywall; build some stairs; taste test pizza (the fun part!); be the biggest cheerleaders; find, repair and paint all the tables and chairs (thanks, mom!); hang pictures; paint more walls; and on and on to do all the stuff we did to open this lil’ spot. Each of the pizzas on the menu are named in honor of a person who helped make Red Sauce Pizza possible.


We are honored to be located on 42nd Avenue. We love this neighborhood and this neighborhood loves pizza! We are excited to carry on the tradition of the Cully Neighborhood pizzeria that started when Bob Cassidy opened Bob’s Pizza in this location in 1971. We opened our doors in 2015, but we continued (with Bob’s permission of course) Bob’s upside down bIZZᗄ sign.


Our dough is made with a slow fermentation process using flour from Shepherd’s Grain and Central Milling. We bake our pies in Baker's Pride electric ovens—so you get a chewy, crunchy crust full of lots of flavor with a nice char-spotted bottom and lots of structure. We use Dinapoli tomatoes and whole milk mozzarella and we love pineapple tidbits. Our sausage, belly bacon & Canadian bacon are made in-house. We like a little char on our pies, but if you want them baked lighter—just ask.

Sarah Ruth and Shardell Dues make your pies.


Our vendors are pretty fantastic. You can tell them we said so. Thanks!

 Provvista, Real Good Food, Frank's Meats, The Side Yard Farm & Classic Foods


Shardell Dues and original Bob's Pizza owner and the original-upside-down-pizza-sign-hanger, Bob Cassidy. Photo taken September 2015.

open TUES-Sun 4:30-9:30 pm

DINe IN / Take out / Delivery by Delivery DUDES