Red Sauce Pizza


The Red Sauce Pizza menu includes Pizzas, Calzones, Salads and Starters available for dine-in, take-out and delivery.





  • begin with aged mozz, grana, pecorino and Red Sauce unless noted

  • we like our pies with a little char, if you would like them lighter ask for a light bake

  • we can make any pie vegan, just ask!

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese  |  $13/17

whole milk mozzarella, fresh mozz, grana, pecorino

It’s Me, Nummy!  |  $15/24

pepperoni, pineapple, jalapeño

Jack Dekovich  |  $16/25

pepperoni, house sausage, black olive

Aubrey Graham |  $16/25

canadian bacon, red onion, pineapple, HAB pineapple hot sauce

Parcel  |  $15/24

salami soppressata, grana, chili flake, arooooogula

Fern  |  $16/25

kale, house pickled peppers, red onion, goat cheese

The Elzinga  |  $16/25

house ricotta, garlic, herbz, chili flake, sea salt, EVOO (no RS)

Jill of All Trades  |  $15/24

anchovy, green olive, ricotta

HOT Nancy  |  $15/24

ricotta, red onion, house hot honey, sea salt (no RS)

Bill Horton  |  $16/25

kale, red onion, goat cheese, house pepper bacon, chili flake (no RS)

Boo Boo the Bandit  |  $16/25

EXTRA pepperoni & EXTRA pineapple

Ritual Arts (vegan)  |  $16/25

moxx, kale, garlic, green olives, herbs, aroooogula



Calzones already come with whole milk mozz, grana, pecorino, ricotta and Red Sauce. Vegan calzones come with vegan moxx, tofu and Red Sauce

Captain Don Cragen  |  $14

house sausage, kale, house pickled peppers

Captain Olivia Benson    (vegan)  |  $14

moxx, tofu, kale, lotsa garlic, green olives, herbs, arooooogula, sea salt

Detective Odafin Tutuola  |  $14

house canadian bacon, jalapeños, red onion, pineapple

Build Your Own Calzone  |  $14

three fillings or less – your choice – fillings listed below



MEATS:     Ezzo pepperoni – house sausage – house canadian bacon – house pepper bacon – Maestro salami soppressata – Scalia anchovy

VEGGIES:     house pickled peppers – red onion – mushroom – arooooogula – pineapple – jalapeño – kale – pepperoncini – black olive – green olive – garlic

CHEESES:     whole milk mozzarella – house ricotta – fresh mozz – goat cheese

VEGAN:    vegan moxx – tofu ricotta 

DRIZZLES:   house hot honey – HAB pineapple habanero sauce


Salads and Starters

Caesar  |  $11

mixed greens, kale, grana, free-range croutons, caesar*

add anchovy                 $1

House  |  $11

seasonal local farm greens and veggies, house dressing

Pub  |  $12

mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, black olive, pepperoncini mozzarella, ranch

Cheeeeeeesy B  |  $8

cheese bread with ranch and red sauce  
*vegan (no cheese)                $7

420 Breadsticks  |  $12

cheeeeeeesy b made with a larger dough ball (so they’re fluffy ☺) plus pepperoni n garlic with double dippin’ sauces

Olive Bowl  |  $4

castelvetrano olives and a surprise pickle

kid's Snack!  |  $4

pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, black olives